Founder of Petal Pizzazz

Candace Bradford, a native Shreveport, LA and CEO of Petal Pizzazz never knew that a hobby of hand designing accessories with silk flowers would turn into a blessing. After months of continuous designing, creating, critiquing herself, she decided to name her business, Petal Pizzazz. While building her clientele, she started to recognize other areas of interest within her targeted market in northern Louisiana, so she extended her business to event planning services as well.  Soon figuring out that this was the edge her business needed, she has been striving to help her clients achieve all of their goals for their events by being a one stop shop. She is eager to expand and thrilled to have the opportunity to help you in your next endeavor. Remember to be original, be different and upgrade your Events, Home & Wardrobe with Petal Pizzazz!